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Sameyki’s Support and Sickness Fund

Halda áfram
Effective as of 1 January 2018.
Article 1 Introduction
The Fund pays compensation to Fund members in cases of accidents and sickness according to the following rules.

Article 2 Sickness per diem allowance and its payment arrangements.
Those who are full SFR members and enjoy sick leave rights according to Article 12.2 in SFR’s collective wage agreement are entitled to per diem allowance or grants from the Fund, as well as Fund members employed in the private labour market, who enjoy rights according to Article 3 of these rules.

The Fund disburses per diem allowance as follows:

a) Fund members’ right to per diem allowance on a 12-month basis is:
Employment period 6 to 12 months, 45 days
Employment period longer than 12 months, 90 days
Fund members who have earned 360 days of sick leave rights according to their collective wage agreement are entitled to a per diem allowance for 45 days if they have not established rights elsewhere.

b) Per diem allowance is paid from the time when the employer’s contractual salary payments end and the illness has lasted for at least 10 days.

c) The amount of the per diem allowance shall be 80% of the average total salary during the last 12 months. If the employment period is shorter, the amount shall be determined by the average salary during that time.

d) A proportional per diem allowance may be disbursed if the Fund member is, according to a doctor’s advice, unable to work due to illness.

e) Per diem allowance for up to 60 days may be disbursed due to the chronic illness of a Fund member’s spouse or children, provided that the member suffers loss of income due to the illness.
However, the Fund member must have been a member for at least one year to enjoy this right.

On per diem allowance for the unemployed
Unemployed members who lose benefits due to illness can receive compensation amounting to 100% of unemployment benefits from SFR’s Support and Sickness Fund.
Unemployed members do not accrue rights during the time of their unemployment, but they maintain the rights accrued when they were employed. Example: a) A member who had been employed for 12 months or less and receives unemployment benefits is entitled to 100% of unemployment benefits for 30 days. b) A member who had been employed for 1 year or more and receives unemployment benefits is entitled for 100% of unemployment benefits for 90 days.

The application for per diem allowance must be accompanied by a medical certificate, the most recent payslip (or more as the case may be) and a certificate from the employer as to when the entitlement to paid sick leave ends. SFR must receive applications and attached documentation for per diem allowance before the 20th of each month.

Article 3 Fund members in the private labour market
Members in Section A of the Union (members in the private labour market), for whom 1% is paid to the Fund, shall enjoy comparable rights in the event of accidents or illness as is usual with sickness fund in the private labour market, up to a maximum of 6 months (see separate rules). Other compensation for these members is according to the above rules as appropriate at each time.
Disclaimer: The Fund management reserves all rights to amend the rules with as necessary, whether it is in order to restrict or expand the rules. This will be determined by the financial position of the Fund at each time.

How do you apply for a grant?
You submit an online application here, on SFR’s website, or here, on My Pages. If you apply on My Pages, you can send an attachment in the application process. Applicants are encouraged to prepare their applications carefully.

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